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Heather Hansen, leader of the Speak Global English Movement, is a speech and communication expert specializing in International English. With a background in International Studies and Linguistics, it’s not surprising that her passion is teaching top professionals how they can become more successful by speaking clearly and confidently in global settings.

Heather offers a number of programs ranging from Keynote speeches to one-on-one coaching.

Get Ahead with Global English: How to be understood by everyone, everywhere, every time.

Global English for Global Business: How to implement a communication culture focused on respect and understanding

Full-day Seminars:
Speak Up Successfully
Get to Grips with Grammar

Long-term Coaching:
Speak Clearly! 8-week Intensive Coaching Program

Customised One-on-One Coaching

For more information on Seminars and Coaching, visit Heather’s corporate website.

Online Training:
English Pronunciation Lab’s Free Pronunciation Short Course